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Bombon Weddings

Congratulations on your engagement!

Our wedding team will work closely with you to select the perfect combination

of flavors, fillings, and exquisite design

to suit your unique wedding vision.

Our tiered wedding cakes start at

$6-12 a serving.

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The design process begins with scheduling a tasting consultation. During the appointment, we will discuss all the details of your wedding desserts to ensure it suites your wedding vision. Feel free to bring any design inspiration such as color swatches, images, floral designs, etc.

The price of our tasting is $45 and accommodate 2 people, you will try 5 different flavors. The duration time is approximately 45 minutes. For any other guest you will have to pay $20 extra per person. 

Our cake tasting service is for weddings of 75 guests and up.

The hours of availability are from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Schedule a Wedding Cake Tasting


Amazing and contemporary flavors 

31) Pear Caramel and Almond Cake
32) Magno and Passionfruit Martini Cake

33) Matcha Green Tea Cake
34) Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake
35) Pumpkin pie cream Cake
36) Rum Salted Caramel Cake

37) Rumchata Cake
38) Reeses and Chocolate Cake
39) Red wine and spices Pear Cake
40) Red Velvet
41) Smore Cake
42) Strawberry shortcake
43) Sugar Free Napoleon
44) Our version of Tiramisu

45) Red velvet layered with strawberries and

chocolate ganache
46) Traditional Vanilla Cake with Old fashioned Buttercream.

47) Very Berry Cake

48) Vegan chocolate Cake
49) White chocolate strawberry cake
50) White chocolate Buttercream layered Cake

Our most popular flavors 

Our most popular cakes for: 

1) Almond Amaretto  cream cake
2) Apple and blueberry cake with brown sugar glaze
3) Banana Butterscotch Cake
4) Banana Split  Cake
5) Black Forest Cake
6) Boston Cream pie Cake
7) Cannoli Cake
8) Carrot and Ginger Spice Cake
9) Cookies and Cream Cake
10) Caramel Apples and Brandy Cake
11) Champagne and Strawberries Celebration Cake
12) Chocolate Grand Marnier Cake
13) Chocoflan Cake
14) Chocolate Peppermint Cake
15) Chocolate Chile Ancho Cake

16) Chocolate Chip Pistacho Cake
17) Coconut Cream Cake
18) Dulce de Leche Cake
19) Devil’s Food Cake
20) German Chocolate Cake
21) Gluten free Pavlova Mango Cake

22) Gluten free Vanilla Cake
23) Graham Cracker Icebox Cake
24) Heavenly Nutella Banana Cake

25) Irish Cream cake

26) Coconut Lime Cake
27) Lavender Mascarpone Cake
28) Maple Pecan Cake
29) Marble cake with Chocolate Ganache
30) Mimosa cream Cake
(orange and Champagne).


Our version of the traditional 3 milk Cake prepared with vanilla sponge, soaked in leches (evaporated, condensed and regular milk) with a hint of rum.


Great pairing, 3 leches cake, layered with peaches and selected strawberries.


Light vanilla sponge soaked with 3 leches concoction with a touch of Amaretto liquor and

roasted almonds.


Moist white cake, vanilla-cinnamon whipped cream, and all our favorite fruits, creatively decorated with a crispy bountiful cornucopia.


Exquisite chocolate cake layered with fresh strawberries and bananas, vanilla whipped cream and bittersweet chocolate mousse.


Well balanced 3 milk cake studded with 2 layers of fresh strawberries, better than a strawberry shake in Cancun.


For the lovers of JAVA beans, coffee 3 leches with Kahlua and luscious Mexican chocolate cream filling.


Spectacular mango and white chocolate cake composed by vanilla cake, brushed with very tropical rum, mango syrup, white chocolate cream and mango.


Puff pastry baked, layered with whipped vanilla cream, sweetened with SPLENDA and sliced fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, pineapple and kiwis).


Recipe of our Aunt Martita, mouth watering rich chocolate cake with layers of cheesecake and raspberry filling finished with old fashioned chocolate frosting.


Delicious 3 milk cake, infused with authentic Mexican Rompope Liquor, recipe from the nuns of San Luis Potosi.


Caramel 3 leches with toasted pecans; this unique cake is prepared with famous Cajeta Coronado original from Celaya Guanajuato.


Using the best seasonal fruit and our famous Natilla filling, we came up with a beautiful fruity and refreshing cake.


Vanilla cake with a hint of Tequila and lime concoction, citrus whipped cream, berries and white chocolate butter cream.


Unique combination of Mexican chocolate whipped cream, coconut dacquoise, chocolate mousse and beautiful decor.


Tropical combination of piña colada flavored 3 leches, pineapple chunks and enough rum to feel the sea breeze.


Our chocolate version of 3 leches cake inspired on a trip to Mexico’s City. True Angel food!


Extraordinary version of the classic carrot cake with a tropical twist of coconut and pineapple bits. Finished with a creamy white chocolate cheese frosting.  


Finger licking quality, cantaloupe, raspberries, and strawberries, all a top a unique guava cheese filling, vanilla cake. So good you’ll travel to Guanajuato State in Mexico.


Cuban festive chocolate cake with mocha filling and a layer of our famous coffee Kahlua cake.

Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Table

Spring & Summer

  • Piña colada

  • Mimosa

  • Tuti fruti

  • Mango & passion fruit cake

  • Martini cake

  • Luisito cake

  • Eden cake

  • Fruity Napoleon

  • Gabacho cake

  • Chupicuaro cake

  • Bombon cake

  • Rosita fresita cake

  • Convento cake

  • Acapulco cake

  • Peachy cake

  • Cafe tacuba cafe

  • Celaya cake

  • Angelical cake

  • Amaretto cake

  • Straberry short cake

Wedding Cake

Fall & Winter

  • Almond amaretto 

  • Apple cake with Brown Sugar Glaze

  • Apple and blueberry cake with brown sugar glaze

  • Abuelitas cake

  • Carrot cake

  • Lalis cake

  • Tia Martita cake

  • Cubano cake

  • Marble cake with chocolate ganache

  • Luisito cake

  • Eden cake

  • Tutti frutti cake

  • Fruity Napoleon

  • Margarita cake

  • Gabacho cake

  • Chupicuaro cake

Frequently Asked Questions

Planing is everything, we recommend scheduling a cake tasting 3-9 months prior to your wedding date.

Pricing for tiered cakes start at $6.00 per person, not including tax, specialty decor, or delivery. Base pricing includes a selection of buttercream design and standard flavors. Fondant designs begin at $8.50 per serving. Vegan or Gluten free cakes (not tiered) start at $10.50 per serving with buttercream frosting, or $12 per serving with fondant frosting.

Cake tastings typically last an hour or less. Please come prepared to discuss design ideas at your tasting. We have photos of cakes we have made for previous clients, but would love to see any photos, your Pinterest, swatches of colors, floral, etc. for your cake inspiration.

For our tasting we suggest you pick five flavors (more could be confusing) from our more than 75 different flavors listed above. 

Yes we deliver wedding cakes within the city and to most of the outlying suburbs. Delivery cost depends on distance. Please contact us for a delivery range and cost quote. 

If your cake is plated and served at the table we recommend ordering enough cake for all guests. If you have other sweets or are serving the cake on a station, 75-80% is a good number to aim for. Consider whether or not you’d like to also save your top tier for your anniversary.

Because we create cakes for all occasions, we don’t have a minimum order for weddings. We’d be happy to help you pick the size of cake most appropriate for your wedding size. If you are on a budget, we can provide smaller cutting cakes and sheet cakes as well.

We accept debit, credit, and cash. An initial deposit of 50% is required to confirm all wedding orders. The balance on all cakes is due 1 weeks prior to the wedding date.

How far in advance should I order my cake?

How much are your wedding cakes?

What should I expect at my cake tasting?

Do you deliver?

How many servings should I order?

Do you have a minimum order?

How do I pay for my cake?

Sweet Tables

Cake is only the beginning! Add to your guests' delight with an elegant, delicious sweet table featuring our range of individual and bite-sized desserts.

Sweet table
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